Sunday 17 November 2019

WATCH: Police Officer pulls gun on man filming him - gets put on administrative leave as a result

The Police Officer has since been suspended

The unnamed officer pulled the gun out white Mr McComas continued to film him
The unnamed officer pulled the gun out white Mr McComas continued to film him Newsdesk Newsdesk

A Police Officer in California has been suspended from the force after a video appeared online of him pulling a gun on a man for filming him.

California man Don McComas started filming the unnamed officer after he noticed him driving slowly around his area multiple times. Not long after, the officer gets out of his car and walks towards Mr McComas with his gun in his hands.

The officer asks Mr McComas to remove one hand from his pocket, but he bravely refuses.

“No sir, I’ve done nothing. I have done absolutely nothing. No," he said.

Throughout the altercation, Mr McComas can be heard telling the armed officer that he did nothing wrong and tells him not to touch him.

As the officer walks away, he tells McComas to “go ahead and put it on YouTube. I don’t really care.”

The officer has since been placed on administrative leave by Rohnert Park officials.

“The incident portrayed on the video is not a typical interaction between our public safety officers and the public,” the officials said in a statement.

This video has been broadly shared online and comes at a time of increased awareness of police shootings in America.

The Washington Post reported the number of fatal police killings had reached almost 400 by the end of May.

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