Monday 16 September 2019

WATCH: Moment 38 beagles used in animal testing feel grass for the first time

Cormac Fitzgerald

This video shows the moment a group of beagles who had spent their lives in cages get to see the outside world for first time.

The 38 beagles had been used for animal testing in laboratories around the United States and had been kept in cages their whole lives.

They were due to be euthanised but a group known as the Beagle Freedom Project travelled around the US to save each one.

The video shows the beagles feel grass for the first time, play with each other, have their own bed and run around - all things they had never been able to do before.

They jump around, looked confused at the ground and generally have a great time with their new found freedom.

The dogs were all given names by the group and suitable homes have been found where they can be cared for properly.

A spokesman for The Beagle Freedom Project said: ‘Beagles of all ages and emotional temperament were greeted with a new chance at life, new opportunities to trust and heal, and unconditional love and patience from the best families we could find.

"Each dog in each of the rescues approached these new freedoms and the whole big world in front of them with a cautious, but excited, bewilderment.

"Many of the beagles bound out of their cages with exuberance, so excited to finally run, play, sniff, pee, and be the silly little dogs they are meant to be.

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