Saturday 17 March 2018

WATCH: Little kitten saved from horrific death in a rubbish compactor

The kitten was unharmed when rescued
The kitten was unharmed when rescued Credit:PA

Sarah Jane Murphy

This kitty has definitely used up one, and possibly more, of her nine lives.

The gorgeous fluff-ball was saved from a horrible death when an employee at a recycling plant in California spotted her on his conveyor belt.

Tony Miranda said he was sorting through recycable items when he glimpsed the tiny animal.

He gathered her in his arms and alerted his colleagues.

"We put so much material in here and run so much stuff through it," he told local station KCRA.

"It’s just amazing to see a little kitten survive through all this.

"It made my day today, definitely made my day," he told KCRA News.

The animal must have endured a scary journey that culminated in being deposited at the recycling plant.

A supervisor, Heather Garcia, rushed over to have a look at the furry visitor and was immediately smitten.

"Over the radio I heard them say that they found a live cat, and I was curious because, well that’s just amazing," Heather said.

She decided to adopt the kitty, and has called her Murphy.

"She’s just so cute, I mean why wouldn’t you take her home."

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