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WATCH: Groom interrupts best man's speech to save a choking guest's life

A groom interrupted his best man’s speech at his own wedding, to save the life of a choking guest.

Cody Campbell, 30, was about to raise a glass to his marriage to new wife Kelly, when one of her 60-year-old relatives began to have trouble breathing.

Cody, a trained fire-fighter in Los Angeles heard commotion during his best man – and father- Craig Campbell’s speech, as the guest reportedly choked on some steak.

He told ABC7 news: “I heard a couple of people yell ‘My God, she’s choking!’… I just went back on my training and performed the Heimlich, and after about five or six thrusts, a piece of meat became dislodged from her throat.”

His new wife, Kelly was full of praise explaining to Inside Edition news how without “any hesitation”, her new husband “jumped straight in there” and saved her relative's life.

After the eventful interruption, the female guest thanked the groom for saving her life and the celebrations resumed.

Cody confirmed to reporters that the woman in question did finish her steak.

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