Friday 24 November 2017

Vigilante in drug sting

SUBWAY vigilante Bernie Goetz, who ignited a furore in the US over racism and gun control after he shot four youths who asked him for money on a train in the 1980s, has been charged with sale and possession of marijuana.

Goetz was nabbed in a sting operation in New York for selling $30 worth of pot to an undercover police officer.

He asked the officer if she wanted to get high, then went back to his apartment and returned with marijuana.

Goetz wasn't targeted specifically; he just crossed paths with the undercover officer assigned to stop dealing in the park, authorities said.

Goetz became a household name in America and beyond as the skinny, bespectacled white man who, in 1984, shot four black teenagers inside a subway car with an illegal handgun.

The teens had sharpened screwdrivers and were asking him for $5. Goetz said it was self-defense because he believed the youths intended to rob him.

He was cleared of attempted murder charges in 1987

Sunday Independent

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