Friday 19 January 2018

Video: Woman who snuck up on policeman with knife ‘not guilty’ of attempted murder

Jury defends decision to free Jennifer Berube

AN AMERICAN woman has been found not guilty of attempted murder despite CCTV footage showing her sneaking up behind a police officer with a knife.

Now the jury in the case around the incident in Rutland, Vermont, has defended its decision.

David Soucy, the jury foreman said it came to almost an immediate decision that Berube was not guilty. He says there were two key pieces of evidence that convinced them the charges did not fit the crime.

Many who saw the video from December 2012 of 40-year-old Jennifer Berube approaching Rutland City police officer Damon Nguyen from behind with a knife were surprised that the Vermont woman walked free after a trial ended just under two weeks ago.

"The scene is horrific I mean, she has a knife, she sneaks up behind him, there's a big you know, fight for the knife," said Soucy.

But Soucy says the charge of attempted second degree murder that prosecutors brought, didn't fit.

"She certainly assaulted the officer, there was no question about that, but that wasn't the charge," said Soucy.

"At no point did she actually try to stab him or to cut him. She certainly put the knife in front of his face," said Soucy.

Berube was still in the police station after the attack, where she and her husband were in police custody for reportedly attempting to use a stolen credit card, when she made statements and allegedly did not know she was being recorded.

"She said, I wasn't trying to hurt him, I was only trying to get his keys," said Soucy.

Soucy and the rest of the jury also found her not guilty of the lesser charge of aggravated assault, which he said took them a little longer, about 45 minutes to deliberate on.

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