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Video: Toddler rescued after pram falls onto train tracks

CCTV footage captures a 14-month-old baby in a pram, rolling away from its mother and onto tracks at a station in Philadelphia, US.

The incident happened at Market-Frankford Line, in West Philadelphia.

"What it looks like to us is that the mother became distracted by something, didn't apply the brake on the stroller and the stroller was able to move off the platform and onto the tracks," said Scott Sauer, director of system safety for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

“The platform at the station is slanted slightly for drainage purposes”, Mr Sauer added.

Once the mother realises what has happened, she rushes to her child’s rescue and luckily lifts her to safety before an oncoming train arrives at the platform.

Luckily all the baby needed was treatment to a cut on her forehead, and escaped any further injury.

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