Friday 23 March 2018

Video shows enormous crack in the ground in northern Mexico

Kashmira Gander,

Incredible footage has emerged showing a 26ft (8m) deep crack in the in the farmland of northwest Mexico, which stretches for over a kilometre.

The crevice which appeared last week, has disconnected Highway 26 between Hermosillo and the coast, Sky News reported.

Drivers, including farm workers, have been forced to navigate around the colossal trench.

The video showcasing the crack that in some parts is 16ft (5m) wide, was shot using a camera attached to a drone device.

It shows vehicles stopped beside the crack, while a green tractor drives away from the scene. People below the drone appear to be discussing the situation.

Geological investigators are now assessing what caused the crack, according to El Imparcial newspaper.

The civil protection unit believes the fissure may have been caused by an earthquake which hit last Sunday. But another investigation by geologists at the University of Sonora found that farmers in the area had built up a levee stream to contain rainwater which had begun to leak.

Experts believe that this may have caused an underground stream to develop, which soften the earth above it until it collapsed.

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