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VIDEO: Incredible drone footage shows snow blanketing Buffalo

These aerial shots show the snowy scenes residents of western New York awoke to as much on Thursday, with possibly another 30 inches expected.

The onslaught began on Tuesday when the snowstorms swept of the Great Lakes as deposited as much as five feet of snow.

It then kept falling into Thursday.

More snow and below freezing temperatures are forecast to continue through midday on Friday.

As much as a foot of snow dropped overnight on Thursday in Erie County which includes the city of Buffalo on Lake Erie.

Roof collapses are also posing a threat, especially at mobile home parks.

At least eight deaths have been blamed on the wintery blast - the most recent was a man in his 60s who suffered a fatal heart ailment as he was using a snow blower.

States of emergency are in effect for ten counties and driving was banned on many roads.

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