Saturday 21 September 2019

Video: Incredible 911 call claims to have evidence of ‘Bigfoot’ before supposed cover-up

Mark McConville

THIS is the audio of a 911 call by John Winesickle claiming he had evidence of the existence of the mythical creature ‘Bigfoot’.

Winesickle, a resident in rural Pennsylvania, says: “He talked in his language, you know. He is so deep when he makes his sound it puts a bear to shame.”

As rumours circulated that the sasquatch had been shot and killed the only ‘proof’ of a sighting were pictures showing a huge footprint near Winesickle’s home.

Conspiracy theorists gathered and started accusing the authorities of a cover-up, after reports that military choppers where seen in the area ‘removing the body’.

A message sent to Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society read: “Officers confirmed there was an unidentified animal shot and killed. Details are a bit fuzzy at this time.”

Officer Christopher Swartz inspected the footprints found by John Winesickle and concluded they belonged to a bear.

Swartz wrote, “I advised John this. He was not happy with the answer. He said he could definitely tell the ¬difference between a bear footprint and a Bigfoot footprint.”

Thomas Rogers a keen admirer of Bigfoot reports said, “Sadly for us though, until a body is found, the question of whether Bigfoot exists or not is still a mystery.”

Washington has been named the No. 1 “Best State for Bigfoot to Live in.” The state has more than 500 reported Bigfoot sightings.

However the existence of the legendary Bigfoot still remains to be seen, even with the number of reported sightings – there is no solid proof and he remains a mythical creature.

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