Saturday 25 November 2017

Video: Drunken man gets showered with pepper spray at Disneyland Tower of Terror reporters

IT’S a place of fun rides and cartoon characters, but for Disneyland visitors last weekend it featured a punch up and pepper spray.

A four minute video which captured a 52-year-old man, later identified as Glenn Horlacher, falling around drunk outside a ride and being repeatedly pepper sprayed by security officials has gone viral after being posted on You Tube.

The man can be heard cursing and shouting ‘F**k you’ at a Disney ‘cast member’ who tries to contain him. Security guards then douse the man in pepper spray. Other staff members join the fracas and the man is sprayed further as he lies on the ground.

As Horlacher lies on the ground cursing, a woman is heard shouting: “What are you, drunk? Disgusting.”

“There are kids here,” the woman says. “Does this guy not get that? You’re in Disneyland!”

“I know where I am at,” Horlacher replies lying on the ground.

When Horlacher tries to get up, Disney security officer sprays him in the face some more, and Horlacher goes for him again, throwing punches.

“Somebody help him,” the woman can be heard shouting. After several other park goers pin Horlacher to the ground, he is heard saying: “Let go. You’re gonna kill me.”

“Now he’s whimpering like a little baby,” one bystander can be heard saying.

“That was epic,” says another.

The video has gone viral on You Tube with over half a million views in three days, one commentator posted ‘How long did the guy have to wait in line for that ride?’

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