Saturday 26 May 2018

Video captures moment police officer saves man from jumping off bridge in New Jersey

Dashcam footage has been released by authorities showing the dramatic moment.

Ryan Ramgobin

Dashcam video has been released showing the moment a New Jersey police officer saved a man who was trying to jump off a bridge.

Riverdale Police Sergeant Greg Bogert arrived to the scene to find a man intending to jump off the bridge.

Sgt Bogert dashed towards the unnamed individual shouting: “Hey man, what’s up? No, no, no - don’t do it! Don’t f*****g do it!”

He told Fox News: "The first thing I did was look up and see if there was any danger with traffic. It was an adrenaline crash. I didn't get much sleep last night."

Speaking to, Sgt Bogert said that ‘he's overwhelmed by the outpouring of responses’.

“It’s just incredible what’s happening. We’re not used to thank yous.”

It has been reported that the man had been dealing with a recent death of a family member.

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