Friday 20 April 2018

VIDEO: Bewildered snake hits the road ... and becomes You Tube sensation Reporters

A video of a snake slithering onto the windshield of a 4X4 in Memphis, Tennessee has become a huge internet sensation.

Hundreds of thousands of YouTube surfers have viewed "Snake on Car" since it was posted July 17.

Tony Fisher said the snake came straight up from the left side of the bonnet as his wife Rachel was driving down the motorway.

Their children were also in the car.

The family spent the previous night at a relative's home in a forest district and believe the snake curled up in the car overnight.

The bewildered reptile slithered out from under the bonnet and crawled across the windshield and the driver side mirror before falling off onto the highway.

It is no known if the snake survived.

"We were moving, there was nothing to grab on to, so it tried to crawl down the side of my door and fell off,” Tony Fisher said.

Experts at the Memphis Zoo said it appeared to be a non-poisonous gray rat snake.

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