Thursday 19 April 2018

VIDEO: Amazing time lapse footage of a funnel cloud forms over Calgary

Cormac Fitzgerald

This amazing footage shows a funnel cloud forming over the city of Calgary, in the west of Canada.

The timelapse video shows just how quickly funnel clouds can form when the conditions are right.

Funnel clouds are cylindrical, funnel-shaped clouds that stick out from the base of thick set of clouds and spin in a wind vortex but don’t connect with the ground or surface of water.

If they do connect with a surface, they become tornadoes.

The footage shows huge storm clouds forming over the high-rises in downtown Calgary, with reports of hail stones the size of golf balls falling and winds of up to 154Kmh.

A warning was issued by Environment Canada 15 minutes before a tornado formed outside the city, although luckily no tornado touched down in Calgary.

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