Monday 19 March 2018

Video: 40-year-old foetus found inside an elderly woman

A 40-year-old foetus has been found inside an 82-year-old woman after she attended a hospital in Bogota with abdominal pain.

An x-ray image shows a foetus inside a woman in normal circumstances developing into a baby waiting to be born.

But this foetus has not – and has been inside the elderly woman for 40 years.

It was originally thought the woman was suffering from a case of the more common gastroenteritis.

But doctors in this hospital in Bogota found that it was actually a rare case of lithopedion, or ‘stone baby’, where the foetus doesn't develop in the uterus.

The female patient has since been transferred to another hospital to undergo surgery.

One in every 11,000 pregnancies develop into lithopedion but many woman remain unaware of what’s happened as the mother's body is shielded from the dead tissue.

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