Monday 23 October 2017

US judge says there is not 'sufficient proof’ of 19-year-old girl's birth

David Kearns

A young woman has started an online campaign to help prove that she is a United States citizen.

Alecia Pennington (19) has been left in a bureaucratic nightmare after a US Judge refused to grant her a delayed birth certificate.

The court decided there was ‘not sufficient proof’ of her birth, let alone of her claim of being an American citizen.

The problem the young woman is facing is that while she was born in rural Texas, her parents never got her a birth certificate or a social security number.

Having been home-schooled her whole life and never having set foot in a hospital, there are virtually no records of Alecia being alive.

Even more oddly, her parents are refusing to help sort out her problem despite the fact that without help, the 19-year-old will be unable to get a job, go to college or even vote.

Alecia has released a video hoping that someone who has been a similar situation can provide her with some advice on how to escape it.

It has already been viewed almost 400,000 times and has received over 2,000 comments on

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