Friday 23 March 2018

US citizens among 28 killed in Mexico

THREE people connected with the American consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico were murdered yesterday as violence raged across the country.

The White House condemned the killings of a US citizen employee, her husband and the husband of a Mexican citizen employee in two separate drive-by shootings. Yesterday, 28 people were killed, including four who were decapitated, in the southern state of Guerrero amid a "drug war" between criminal organisations.

Bombs signal new Taliban offensive

Deadly bomb attacks in the

southern Afghan city of Kandahar were a warning to NATO that the Taliban are ready for a coming offensive, insurgents said last night.

Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi said the bombings showed the insurgents were still able to operate despite the build-up of international troops in the south in preparation for a push into Kandahar province. The multiple bomb attacks on Saturday night killed 35 people.

Discovery could replace poppies

SCIENTISTS have identified the genes of the opium poppy responsible for the production of the painkillers codeine and morphine, which could lead to new ways of making the drugs without having to cultivate fields of poppies.

Opium poppies naturally produce morphine and smaller amounts of codeine in their seed pods. But about 10 times as much opium is made for the illegal heroin trade as for the legitimate manufacture of morphine and codeine.

China language invasion must end

The "invasion" of British words into the Chinese language must be stopped, the country's most senior translator claims.

Huang Youyi, of the International Federation of Translators, one of the country's largest publishers, says that words such as OK, bye-bye, nice, modern and guitar are slipping into everyday Chinese and causing problems.

Police tow van with body inside

A police tow truck removed a minivan illegally parked outside a New York funeral home -- with a body inside.

Redden's Funeral Home director Paul DeNigris said the van's tinted windows obscured the white cardboard box that held the remains. Mr DeNigris has now retrieved the van and body. He also plans to fight the $115 (€83) parking fine.

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