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Trayvon Martin killing: George Zimmerman 'had two black eyes and nose fracture'

GEORGE Zimmerman had a pair of black eyes, a nose fracture and two cuts to the back of his head after the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The medical records were part of ublicly released evidence that prosecutors have in the second-degree murder case against Zimmerman, ABC News reported.

He has entered a plea of not guilty and claims self-defence in the Feb 26 shooting. Zimmerman was treated on Feb. 27. Some of his injuries had been previously reported.

The medical report was compiled by Zimmerman's family doctor was diagnosed with a "closed fracture" of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury, ABC News said.

Zimmerman has claimed that Martin attacked him, punching him in the face and bashing his head into the pavement.

The three-page medical report obtained by ABC News also shows that Zimmerman had bruising to his upper lip and cheek. But it says Zimmerman declined to be hospitalised on the night of the shooting.

Before the incident he had been prescribed the medications Adderall and Temazepam, which can cause agitation and mood swings but in less than 10 per cent of patients.