Monday 22 January 2018

Tragedy of 15-year-old bullying victim who killed herself jumping in front of a bus reporters

A NEW York teenager who was taunted by classmates, died of her injuries on Monday after throwing herself in front of a bus two days after Christmas. She had carried a suicide note in her pocket.

Amanda Diane Cummings had been bullied at school since the start of the year, according to her relatives. She had recently begun dating a boy that the ringleaders of the bullies had a crush on, and the bullying had intensified.

The schoolgirl who idolised singer Katy Perry had been threatened by one of the gang in the week before Christmas, but refused to report the incident for fear of reprisals. The 15-year-old showed her mother a barrage of abusive text messages from the gang to her on December 26th.

“The made fun of her hair, her heels everything,” her cousin Ashley Gilman told one newspaper.

Amanda regularly dyed her hair to emulate the I Kissed a Girl singer – going from blonde to black.

When her boyfriend split with her over Christmas, she became distraught and felt alone, according to her family. Her suicide note read: “I can’t live without him. There;s no life at all.”

Her family became worried when she left the house on December 27th after receiving further abusive texts, and posted “I’ll cry without you,” cryptic message on her Facebook page. She sent her mother a text to say she was on her way home, but instead threw herself intot he path of an oncoming bus.

“Her boyfriend changed his status to single on Facebook when they broke up,” according to one school friend. “People began tauting and bullying her, these girls were calling her names.”

The school held a minute’s silence for her yesterday. Department of Education officals have refused to comment on the case and the school Principal Deirdre DeAngelis would not talk to the media.

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