Wednesday 22 November 2017

Tomb with a view of Evita's grave on sale for €220,000

Robin Yapp in Sao Paulo

Argentines are being offered the chance to secure a final resting place next to the tomb of Eva Peron -- if they have €220,000 to spare.

Potential buyers can have up to 20 family members interred in the mausoleum next to the black marbled monument in Sao Paulo that houses the late first lady of Argentina.

Despite broken marble interiors and swarms of insects nearby, Damian Sabelli, the owner, is asking for 10 times the amount that a tomb of similar size would normally fetch.

Peron, the second wife of President Juan Domingo Peron and better known as Evita, remains a national heroine nearly 60 years after her death.

The adjoining tomb for sale currently holds 14 bodies, all ancestors of Mr Sabelli, who is negotiating the sale on behalf of his family.

"All are distant relatives, from the 19th Century," he said. "But all can be removed the day after the sale.

"The space may be occupied immediately," he added.

Peron died from cancer in 1952, aged 33, and her embalmed body was still on public display for mourners in 1955 when General Peron was toppled by a military coup.

The country's new leaders, scared that Peron's body could help focus opposition to their regime, had it put on a ship bound for Italy where she was buried under a false name.

It was not returned to Argentina until 1974 and has remained in her family's mausoleum ever since.

For the asking price of the neighbouring tomb, Argentines could instead buy a three-bedroom apartment in the same fashionable district. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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