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Toddler allegedly beaten to death over a dirty nappy


James 'JJ' Sieger

James 'JJ' Sieger

Jasmine Bridgeman

Jasmine Bridgeman

Joshua Schoenenberger

Joshua Schoenenberger


James 'JJ' Sieger

A two-year-old boy died from injuries caused by his mother's boyfriend as he was being toilet trained, a US court has heard.

Little James Sieger (2) was rushed to Davis County Hospital in Layton, Utah, on Saturday. Hospital staff found him to be unresponsive and covered in bruises before contacting the local police department.

The toddler, who was found to have sustained severe internal injuries, was flown to the Primary Children's Hospital in a critical condition. He underwent a number of surgeries in a bid to save his life but passed away on Monday morning, local station KSTU reproted.

According to a number of documents filed with a court, Jasmine Bridgeman (23) and her boyfriend Joshua Schoenenberger (34) abused the toddler in Schoenenberger's home.

Some of the abuse resulted from the couple's attempts to toilet train the little boy.

Local station KUTV, citing court documents, reported that the toddler defecated in his nappy and the couple became "furious".

The documents state Schoenenberger then continued to beat the boy while his mother stepped outside for a cigarette.

Police say the couple then brought the two-year-old to Davis County Hospital where they told doctors he had almost drowned in the bath.

Doctors found the little boy had internal bleeding, bruising to his legs, groin, arms and head.

The boy's paternal grandmother told media she last saw the child a month ago with his mother. Krista Sieger said she noticed a "pretty big" bruise on his cheek. She claims she called the local police department and the boy's father called the Department of Child and Family Services but nothing came of it.

Father James Sieger said they are "very upset" and had been trying to get "those kids out of that situation".

A spokesperson for the local police department confirmed the grandmother contacted them on April 16. He claimed they tried to contact her, but were unable to to do so.

A spokesperson for the Department of Child and Family Services confirmed the issued was brought to their attention but they couldn't find Jasmine Bridgeman.

James Sieger said he was living with Ms Bridgeman four months ago in Georgia. He claims she suddenly vanished with little James and their five-month-old child.

He did not know where she was until his mother spotted them in a store in Utah.

Jasmine Bridgeman and Joshua Schoenenberger are both in Davis County Jail and are expected to be charged with murder.

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