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Three girls saved after text message

RESCUERS continued to pull Haitians alive from the wreckage, six days after the earthquake.

A Florida rescue team pulled three girls -- Maria, Ariel and Lamy -- from a collapsed supermarket after receiving a text message pleading for help.

Rescuers also found Marie-France (22) under a row of shops. She had been trapped behind a steel door. French and American firemen worked together late into the night sawing through the reinforced steel door.

She was freed when medics amputated her arm, which was trapped under a concrete beam.

American crews working with search dogs also rescued a 16-year-old Dominican girl who had been trapped in a three-storey hotel that crumbled in downtown Port-au-Prince.

But other rescuers were thwarted as frustrations rose over the shortage of aid supplies and security worsened.

Spanish firemen told of their anguish at having to abandon a teenage girl trapped under rubble when shots were fired. They were later told that the girl had died as they left.

At the United Nation's six-storey headquarters, which was destroyed, rescuers lifted Jen Kristensen, a Dane, alive from the ruins. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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