Thursday 26 April 2018

Terrifying footage shows ‘exorcism’ taken place at public park

Witness Sherri Jackson said her day normally begins with a perusal of the bible and a quick prayer. But today was just a little bit different.

Ms Jackson: "No Bible was read, no prayer, because it got a little too crazy," she said.

Sherri said she stumbled upon the bizarre scene while strolling through Odessa Park in Texas.

She told CNN: "They start getting louder and louder.

"She was on the ground and they were standing over her with hands on her and screaming 'Satan, I demand that you depart,' and it went on and on. It was very bizarre.

"Jesus can heal anybody but it's not something you'd expect to see on the duck pond."

Dressed in bright white clothing, a couple are seen holding a woman to the floor while screaming: "Satan, I demand that you depart."

It was also the concern of local clergyman Father Dave Hoaxley who said: "I hope the people have some level of training."

Police said they were called to the scene but since it is not illegal top perform an exorcism in a public place they did not take action. They also said no one was injured.

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