Wednesday 21 March 2018

Teenager's eye-socket crushed attempting popular 'duct tape challenge' on YouTube

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

A Washington teenager has been hospitalised after he sustained injuries 'similar to a car crash' attempting a popular YouTube challenge.

The 'Duct tape' challenge is a popular challenge on YouTube, bringing in more than 230,000 results in YouTube search.

The challenge consists of one party wrapping another in duct tape and filming their attempts to escape. As the challenge becomes more popular, the videos are becoming increasingly complicated and convoluted as YouTubers attempt to outdo each other.

Skyar Fish(14) was hospitalised after his eye socket was crushed attempting the challenge at a local school last Saturday.

Fish was standing while being wrapped in the tape and he lost his balance, hitting his head off a nearby window frame. His eye socket was crushed and he required surgery for blood in his brain. It is unsure if he will ever regain vision in the injured eye.

His mother, Sarah Fish, told Buzzfeed News that Fish is "really lucky to be alive" after doctors said his injuries were similar to car crash victims and those kicked by horses.

She said that she wants to "bring awareness" to other parents whose kids might be attempting these challenges.

"He's really sad that it happened, but he's happy to be alive".

"He could have been a vegetable... he could be dead".

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