Saturday 25 November 2017

Teen threw a house party 'after killing his parents with hammer'

Nick Allen in Los Angeles

A teenager has been accused of bludgeoning his parents to death with a hammer, hiding their bodies in a bedroom, and then throwing a house party he had advertised on the internet.

Tyler Hadley (17) allegedly attacked his parents Blake (54) and Mary-Jo (47) at their home in St Lucie, Florida, on Saturday afternoon, then covered them with towels and books and locked them in the master bedroom.

At about 1pm, shortly before the couple died, he had posted a message on Facebook, the social networking website, inviting friends to come around that night.

Up to 60 people turned up and were unaware that there were two bodies in the house as they partied into the early hours.

Police visited the ranch-style property at 1.30am on Sunday, after neighbours complained about the noise, and found the gathering breaking up.

Officers later received an anonymous tip-off and went back to the house at 4.20am. They then found the bodies and the hammer lying between them.

Hadley, a high school dropout, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and is being held at a youth detention centre. He will be tried as an adult, police said.

Mrs Hadley was a schoolteacher and her husband worked at a nearby nuclear power plant.

Neighbour Raeann Wallace said she had known the family since before Tyler Hadley was born.

She added: "This is not the Tyler I remember. What happened? He and his dad would be shooting hoops in the driveway."

Johnna Izzo, a friend of the teenager, said: "He just seemed normal, I didn't think anything was wrong with him."

A Port St Lucie police spokesman said: "During the party and after the party, there was a rumour that perhaps Tyler had killed his parents."

When police arrived he seemed "nervous and panicky" and told them his parents were out of town.

Police believe the teenager may have flown into a rage after his parents refused permission to throw the party. He is alleged to have killed them with a 22-inch framing hammer.

Mrs Hadley was killed first followed by her husband, who was described as a "gentle giant" weighing 300 pounds and standing 6ft 4ins tall.

Mark Ankrom, Blake Hadley's nephew, said: "He was a good man, a very good man. Not a mean bone in his body and I just can't believe something like this would happen."

Police said the couple were killed outside the bedroom before being dragged in there and placed on the floor.

Police Captain Don Kryak said: "The crime scene was certainly a merciless killing. It was brutal." Detectives said they had not established a motive for the alleged killings but there were no plans to charge anyone else in connection with them.

According to court documents, Mr and Mrs Hadley were being sued for $15,000 (€10,660) after their son was accused of injuring a child while driving a car registered to his father in June last year. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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