Saturday 18 January 2020

Teen jailed after carving swastika into friend’s head and forcing him to eat cat faeces

James Kalmbach (left) was sentenced to 11 years
James Kalmbach (left) was sentenced to 11 years

Brian O'Reilly

A TEENAGER has been sentenced to 11 years in prison after carving a swastika into a former friend’s head and forcing him to eat cat faeces.

James Kalmbach (16) was the last of four teens to be sentenced in relation to the crime in the state in Oregon in the US.

He told the courtroom, which included his now 17-year-old victim Dustyn Murrain, that he was ‘very sincerely sorry’ for his crime.

Kalmbach was waiting in a shed with two other boys while a female accomplice lured the victim there.

He hit Murrain a crowbar on the head several times, before ordering him to strip.

The other attackers then shot him several times in the chest and crotch with a pellet gun – before Kalmbach carved the swastika into his head.

They then robbed him of his possessions before he managed to escape and call for help.

"It's hard to imagine how this crime occurred,'' Multnomah County Judge Jean Kerr Maurer said. "It's almost impossible to imagine this could happen between friends, but it did.''

Kalmbach told police that Murrain called him ‘gay’ on Facebook and was a bully – however the victim’s mother told the court she thought the attack was planned after Kalmback learned Murrain was dating his ex-girlfriend.

The victim’s mother said the scars from the swastika have nearly healed - although he still suffers nightmares in relation to the incident.

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