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Struggling Colorado restaurant worker finds lost $3,000 and hands it in


Johnny Duckworth at work

Johnny Duckworth at work

Johnny Duckworth at work

A struggling restaurant worker in Colorado who handed in a mislaid envelope containing $3,000 (£2,000) in cash has been rewarded for his honesty.

Johnny Duckworth rides his bike to work at Randy’s Southside Diner in the Colorado town of Grand Junction, where he has worked for the past nine years clearing tables to help pay for his medical bills.

His car has broken down, and he lives in the houses of friends and family, unable to afford his own home.

On Tuesday, Mr Duckworth found an envelope behind a booth, containing $3,000 in cash, and handed it over to his boss, Randy Emmons.

The pair took the envelope to the bank where, thanks to an ATM receipt inside, the bank was able to return the money to its owner, who gave Mr Duckworth a $300 tip.

Mr Duckworth says he never thought of keeping the money, saying: “I work for a living.”

But now friends of Mr Duckworth, known as Thumper, have rallied around, and set up a fundraising page which has raised almost $14,000 in four days.

"Thumper is a great guy," said Mr Emmons, who set up the Tip Thumper page.

"He would give his last dollar out of his pocket to anyone that needed it, even though he doesn't have much himself. That's the kind of employee I wish all of my employees were."

He explained that the site had been set up "to help through his hard times."

He added: "Thumper works about 25 hours a week at the diner. He would work more hours if they were available.

"This is a good guy who works very hard and that has truly fallen onto hard times."