Thursday 22 February 2018

Stranded luxury cruise ship gets airlift of Spam

Jon Swaine in New York

They were promised a choice of "gourmet delicacies" including lobster tail, prime rib and filet mignon.

But the 4,500 passengers on the 'Carnival Splendor' were yesterday fed chopped pork shoulder mixed with ham, modified potato starch and sodium nitrite in aspic -- Spam.

Holidaymakers who paid $5,200 (€4,300) per couple to sail down the Mexican Riviera on the "floating city" have been stranded 50 miles off the coast of California for three days.

A fire in the engine room led to a loss of power on the liner, which boasts dozens of luxurious features, including a "cloud nine spa" and "spectacular 21,000-square-foot gym".

The power cut has left the 3,299 guests and 1,167 crew with limited lavatory use and no air conditioning, refrigeration or cooking facilities, prompting the US navy to send in supplies.

Sailors on the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan prepared 35 crates whose contents included bottled water, frozen bread and the British wartime favourite luncheon meat.

The boxes, containing a total of 60,000lb in supplies, were airlifted on to the 'Carnival Splendor' by helicopter. The fare was a big comedown from that served in its dining rooms.

The Carnival Cruise Lines ship was being towed to shore last night. Passengers will have the price of their tickets and transport refunded -- and will also be able to claim a complimentary future cruise.(©Daily Telegraph London)

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