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Sobs ring out as horrific killings by air force colonel detailed in court

Details of how one of Canada's most senior air chiefs repeatedly raped and killed two women as they pleaded for their lives emerged at his trial yesterday.

Lawyers warned the court that details of the killings were horrific before explaining how Colonel Russell Williams bound, beat, raped, photographed, videotaped and asphyxiated Marie Comeau, a 37-year-old corporal, and Jessica Lloyd (27).

Ms Comeau made one final plea for her life before Williams suffocated her, said prosecutor David Thompson.

"Have a heart, please," Mr Thompson said Ms Comeau begged. "I've been really good. I want to live."

Williams pleaded guilty to two first-degree murder charges, two sexual assaults and 82 breaking-and-entering charges during which he stole female lingerie.

The 47-year-old faces an automatic sentence of life in prison with no possibility of parole for at least 25 years.

Mr Thompson told the court that Williams met Ms Comeau while she was working as a flight attendant on a military flight and discovered she lived alone.

The court was told he undertook dozens of break-ins, stealing her lingerie and photographing the bedroom and images of himself modelling the undergarments with his erect genitalia protruding.

He arrived one night when he knew Ms Comeau would be home, carrying a kit filled with duct tape and zip ties.


Williams was masked for most of the attack and there was no indication from prosecutors that she knew who he was.

Williams tied her up to a basement post and covered her mouth and eyes with duct tape, Mr Thompson said. Williams later took her upstairs where he repeatedly sexually assaulted her for more than two hours, taking video images and still photographs.

Mr Thompson said Williams ordered the woman into positions for better video footage and at one point removed his mask to smile for the camera. As he forced himself on her, Ms Comeau's lips quivered as she pleaded for him to stop. Mr Thompson said Williams placed duct tape on her nose to suffocate her and continued taking photos as she struggled for breath and died.

Two months later, Williams noticed Jessica Lloyd while driving by her home on a rural stretch of highway where he had a cottage.

Williams went to Ms Lloyd's home on January 28. Once inside, he bound her with rope and placed duct tape on her face. He took photos of the repeated rapes and sexual assaults.

Prosecutor Lee Burgess, who held back tears as he recounted details of the gruesome crime, said after three hours of rape and abuse, Williams drove the blindfolded Ms Lloyd to his home in Tweed. She pleaded for her life and asked to be taken to hospital.

"I don't want to die. If I die, will you make sure my mom knows that I love her?" Ms Lloyd said on a videotape that Williams kept rolling. Sobs rang throughout the courtroom as the prosecution described this sequence of the videotape.

A day and a half after the ordeal began, Williams strangled Ms Lloyd with a rope.

Williams sat slumped with his head down in court as prosecutors detailed the evidence.

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