Thursday 22 February 2018

Skinny genes blamed for women's desire to be thin

THE desire some women feel to be thin may be inherited rather than a response to images of skinny celebrities, a study has found.

While photographs of waif-like Hollywood actresses are often blamed for making people less happy with their bodies, a larger factor in whether or not women idealise thinness is genetic, according to scientists from Michigan State University.

Researchers questioned more than 300 female twins about their body image and concluded that up to 43pc of a woman's risk of "thin idealisation" was inherited.

Jessica Suisman, a psychologist, who led the study, said: "We're all bombarded daily with messages extolling the virtues of being thin, yet, intriguingly, only some women develop what we term 'thin ideal internalisation'.

"This suggests that genetic factors may make some women more susceptible to this pressure than others."

The results of the study were published in the 'International Journal of Eating Disorders'. ©Daily Telegraph, London)

Irish Independent

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