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Shocking footage shows brazen gunman walk up and shoot dead journalist


Radio presenter Flor Alba Nunez Vargas (L) seconds before she was shot from behind

Footage has been released of the murder of a well-known Columbian journalist gunned down in broad daylight.

Radio presenter Flor Alba Nunez Vargas (25) was shot in the head by a masked assassin as she arrived for work last Thursday morning.

The video shows a hitman creep up behind the young journalist as she waits by the door of her radio station in Huila, south west Colombia, before killing her with a single shot.

The CCTV footage goes on to show the gunman calmly walking away from the brutal murder before getting on a motorbike and driving away.

The Colombian government has announced a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the killers.

Ms Flor, 25, was known as a campaigner against drugs and people trafficking and corruption.

She had recently received death threats on Facebook over her recent local election coverage and for publishing the picture of a criminal gang blamed for a town hall break-in.

She is also said to have been threatened after interviewing suspects linked to the murder of a dog last month.

Shortly before her death she retweeted a link to an interview with a Colombian bishop who claimed: "All politicians are liars."

Huila Police chief Santiago Camelo blamed the crime on contract killers and appealed for the local community to come forward with information.

He said: "We are on the trail of the murderer who appears to have escaped by motorbike.

"We cannot at this stage specify the cause of this terrible event.”

The 25-year-old hosted a popular programme called La Preferida Stereo on the radio station called La Preferida FM.

Her radio station described her as a "passionate journalist" and said in a statement: "We profoundly regret the murder of our companion.”

"We hope this doesn't remain as just another unpunished crime. Peace in death."

Ms Flor's murder comes three weeks after a Brazilian radio presenter was killed live on air by two gunmen who forced their way into his recording studio. 

Father-of-two Gleydson Carvalho, a critic of local government corruption, was shot three times in the head and chest on August 6 at Radio Liberdade FM in the north-eastern beach resort of Camocim.

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