Saturday 17 March 2018

Shocking footage of mother viciously beaten as toddler looks on

Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

A manhunt is underway for a woman who severely beat up a young mother while her toddler looked on.

The vicious assault, which took place on a street in Salem, Massachusetts, was caught on video. 

The disturbing footage shows the 27-year-old victim being thrown to the ground and repeatedly kicked and spat on.

Her two year old son begs for the beating to stop and attempts to intervene but is threatened by the attacker.

Police have identified the assailant as 25-year-old Latia Harris but she is still at large.

It is not clear what initiated the attack but the mother was left ‘disorientated and bleeding from the face’, according to local police.

The video of the assault, which took place close to a McDonald's restaurant where the assailant may have worked, was shot by a bystander.

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