Friday 23 February 2018

Seinfeld's parking permit is no joke

James Bone

NOBODY knows more about the parking problems in New York than Jerry Seinfeld. The TV comic made the shortage of parking spaces a perennial topic on his eponymous 1990s sit-com "about nothing".

Now Seinfeld (pictured) has been caught up in a parking scandal of his own, however.

The comic's car pulled into a parking space in front of a TV studio, using an expired police parking permit.

An alert television reporter spotted the prized police placard on the dashboard and asked the mayor why Seinfeld had it.

"I have absolutely no idea," Mayor Michael Bloomberg confessed.

New Yorkers regularly voice outrage about the abuse of police parking permits by celebrities and public officials.

The police department quickly launched an investigation.

A spokeswoman for Seinfeld said the permit belonged to his driver, a retired New York policeman. In fact, it had been issued to a female officer but expired in 2007.

She said the comedian felt that his driver was just trying to help him and so would not be fired. But the spokeswoman promised that the parking placard would not be used again.

Irish Independent

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