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Second bombing suspect arrested

Multiple shots were fired in Watertown and the suspect was found hiding under the tarp of a neighbour's boat.

The most wanted man in America Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been apprehended by police. The 19-year-old marathon bombing suspect was found hiding under tarp in parked boat in Watertown, Massachusetts, where police have been conducting lengthy searches for 16 hours today.

An ambulance descended on 67 Franklin Street, where he was hiding and he is being escorted by heavily guarded security. Officers could be seen smiling and cheering upon his arrest.

A neighbour in Watertown called saying  she saw blood on a boat stored in her backyard, as well as the shed door being open, and asked officials to investigate.

Multiple shots were fired and three ambulances were rushed to the scene. Neighbours are being evacuated and it's believed that police are firing 'flash bangs' in an attempt to distract him.

It's unclear whether the suspect had explosives on his body, but police are taking extra precautions as his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnae was armed with a type of suicide vest when he was killed early this morning. The bomb squad have been called in and the FBI's hostage negotiation unit from Quantico are also on site trying to negotiate with the teenager, as police want to take him in alive.

However, they are taking every precaution in approaching him for fear of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).

Authorities are currently using a neighbour's house to negotiate with the suspect. Officials knocked on their door, ordered them to evacuate and ''took over" the home, according to the owner.

67 Franklin Street in Boston's Watertown is now surrounded by hundreds of police, FBI, SWAT, Homeland Security and other national agencies, who have said that public safety is their first priority.

The saga began just ten minutes after police say that they had not made an arrest. SWAT team and Homeland Security have arrived on the scene. His physical status is unclear, but it is being reported that he lost a "lot of blood", according to onlookers.

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