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Sarah Palin campaign emails point to presidential bid

Leaked emails sent by Sarah Palin’s husband Todd suggest the former Republican Presidential candidate is building support for a new White House bid.

Mr Palin reportedly sent the angry message to Alaska's Republican candidate for the Senate, Joe Miller, rebuking him for failing to endorse Mrs Palin as a Presidential contender.

In what was described as the biggest political upset of the year, the former Vice-Presidential candidate last month helped secure Mr Miller's unexpected victory over the incumbent, Sen Lisa Murkowski.

The victory was seen as a triumph for the former Alaska governor and conservative figurehead and provided further evidence of her power as a kingmaker.

However, the Palin camp was angered when the 44-year-old Tea Party candidate failed to repay his patron in a television interview following his win.

Asked by Fox News about Mrs Palin's credentials, Mr Miller would only observe that there were "a number of great candidates out there".

Within hours, Mr Palin was on his Blackberry demanding an explanation and pointing out that his wife put her “a—“ on the line with a series of endorsements for her fellow Republican.

He directed campaign managers to withhold any further support for Mr Miller

The email, obtained by Alaskan blog The Mudflats, was sent to Mr Miller and Tim Crawford, a senior Palin advisor.

Mr Palin wrote: “Joe and Tim,

“Hold off on any letter for Joe. Sarah put her a - on the line for Joe and yet he can't answer a simple question " is Sarah Palin Qualified to be President". I DON'T KNOW IF SHE IS.”

Joe, please explain how this endorsement stuff works, is it to be completely one sided.

Sarah spent all morning working on a Face book (sic) post for Joe, she won't use it, not now. Put yourself in her shoe's (sic) Joe for one day.”

Three days later Mr Miller forwarded the email, with the comment: “Just found this in my inbox. This is what we’re dealing with. Note the date and the complete misconstruction of what I said. Holy Cow.”

Neither the Mr Miller’s campaign nor Mrs Palin's camp have confirmed or denied the veracity of the email or made any public comments about it.