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Same gun used on third person after honeymooners shot dead

TWO men accused of murdering a honeymoon couple in Antigua went on to kill again using a single bullet from the same weapon, a court heard yesterday.

Newlyweds Ben and Catherine Mullany (both 31) were shot at their luxury resort just over a fortnight after their wedding day.

Their deaths came shortly before that of local shopkeeper Woneta Anderson (43), killed with a bullet to the head in an "almost identical" attack, it was alleged.

Opening the case in the Caribbean courtroom, the prosecutor told jurors that defendants Avie Howell (20) and Kaniel Martin (23) acted together. They deny the charges.

"The manner in which these three people were killed was almost identical," he said.

"All three victims were shot in the head with a single bullet. All three were killed using the same firearm."

The Mullanys, from Wales, had been staying in the south west of the island when at least one gunman burst into their chalet as they slept in the early hours of July 27, 2008.

Then on August 8 of that year, Howell and Martin allegedly struck again, killing the shopkeeper in her home.

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