Tuesday 10 December 2019

Reddit users send supplies to mother of newborn baby after her fiancé died on Christmas Eve

Users of the site have also offered to set up a college fund for the newborn

Clare Cullen

Users of Reddit have sent baby supplies to a woman and her newborn baby after her fiancé took his own life on Christmas Eve.

The woman took to the site to thank the users who sent her supplies including nappies, toys, sudocream and baby shoes.

The woman, who also has a twelve year-old son, wrote that she had "never had people be so nice to my family" and that the kind gestures "brought a ton of happiness... which is something we haven't felt in a while".

One user offered to set up a college fund for the woman's children and place $100,000 in it, writing "we'll let it garner interest".

One man promised a small child's push car and went to the trouble of giving it a "custom paint job" and "some sweet gold rims".

Many dads jumped into the forum offering the clothes their toddlers have outgrown.

Brittinea Campbell had previously bared her soul on the site after struggling with the death of her fiancé.

"It's been two weeks and one day since my incredible and handsome fiancé... took his own life".

"I'm doing it all without him. I really miss his help".

She shared that parenting their "little miracle" alone made her feel "helpless", and that her daughter was having a tough time dealing with the death of her step-dad.

"I feel like a terrible mother... I'm a bad mom who can't make their pain go away".

Coming back to the thread, she explained that she was in a bad place when she turned to Reddit.

"I miss having help raising my baby, I miss being able to send pictures of him to my fiancé while he's at work, i miss talking about our future, I miss having him next to us in bed, I miss smiling".

"It's hitting me now... I lost it. I miss him at nights the most".

She had asked the site for help, writing "I just need some help this first month while I grieve and figure out my life and what I'm going to do".

You can donate to the family's GoFundMe page here.

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