Sunday 22 April 2018

Race case killer 'prayed to God fight was on film'

Zimmerman: Hoped video will provide his innocence
Zimmerman: Hoped video will provide his innocence

Jon Swaine

A neighbourhood watch captain accused of murdering an unarmed teenager in Florida was "elated" that their fight might have been recorded on video, as he believed it would exonerate him, a court heard.

George Zimmerman was shocked to learn that he had killed Trayvon Martin and told police that it was "always wrong to kill someone" according to his Catholic faith, detectives told the jury in his trial.

Mr Zimmerman (29) is charged with the second-degree murder of Trayvon, a black 17-year-old returning from the supermarket to a house he was visiting in Mr Zimmerman's gated estate, in February 2012.

A 44-day delay last year before the arrest of Mr Zimmerman, who is half-Peruvian, led to allegations of police racism, protests around the US and an intervention from President Barack Obama.

Mr Zimmerman denies murder and claims that he shot the teenager in self-defence after being attacked. A recording of a police interview played to the court showed Detective Chris Serino telling him: "There's a possibility that whatever happened between you and him is caught on videotape."

"I prayed to God that someone videotaped it," said Mr Zimmerman.

Detective Serino told the court that the defendant was "elated" at the prospect. "Either he was telling the truth or he was a complete pathological liar," he said.

Serino agreed that Mr Zimmerman had shown "ill-will and spite" by referring to Trayvon as a "punk" in his call to police, but confirmed that "nothing major" had changed in the defendant's account. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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