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'Pugs yell like little kids' - 28 years in jail for man who tortured and killed dogs he adopted from adverts


Jason Brown, who would adopt dogs from adverts online so he could kill them

A man who answered adverts offering puppies for free has been sentenced to 28 years in prison after four severed dog's heads were found in his fridge.

Jason Brown (25) was arrested last year after the remains of a dog were found inside his Reno motel room.

When officers investigated further, they found four severed dog's heads neatly place inside the room’s fridge.

A Nevada court heard that Brown would respond to local Craigslist ads, offering to take dogs and puppies that people were giving away for free and promise to give them good homes.

A 25-year-old former psychology major was convicted of torturing, killing and dismembering seven dogs on Thursday in what the judge, prosecutor and his own defence lawyer called “the most horrific crime they had ever seen in their decades of legal practice”.

During the trial, the jury heard audio from several videos made by Brown were he had recorded himself torturing and dismembered the dogs – including the screams and cries from the animals.

"I'm making a jacket out of them," Brown says in one video.

"The little white Chihuahuas are my favourite. If I get one of those, they are coming to Jason's house of pain."


Jason Brown (25) was handed a 28 year sentence on Thursday

He continued: "Pugs, instead of barking, pugs sound like humans, like little kids. They yell.

"Ahhhhhhrrgggghhhh… Let me show you," he said.

"You want me to get one tonight?"

KTVN News reports that owners of some of the dogs sold to Brown cried in the courtroom as Washoe District Judge Elliott Sattler played the videotapes.

"Those images I watched, I will never forget," Judge Sattler said before ordering the maximum penalty of 28 years in prison for what he described as a “level of sadism I’ve never before encountered”.

"The part that frightened me most about the videos is that you produced them in the first place.

“That tells me you wanted to go back and watch them again — a trophy if you will of your behaviour.”

Brown himself told the court that he was doing drugs at the time and had no recollection of the events.

“I cannot explain the grief I felt for this horrible situation," he said. "I no longer had control of myself."

"It's sickening to hear these things and realise it's me," he added.

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