Wednesday 18 September 2019

Police issue warning after parents find razor blades in kids' Halloween haul

A chocolate bar with a razor blade concealed inside
Credit: Facebook/Winchester Police
A chocolate bar with a razor blade concealed inside Credit: Facebook/Winchester Police
A razor blade that was found inside a rice crispy treat Credit: Facebook/Winchester Police

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Shocked parents across the US and Canada reported finding razor and scalpel blades, staples, and Stanley blades hidden in their children's trick or treat goodies.

Police are investigating after razor blades were found in Halloween sweets in southwestern Ontario.

Niagara Regional Police said a child bit into a chocolate bar after returning home from trick or treating and detected something solid.

The child stopped chewing and spat out the bar, which contained a razor blade from a disposable shaving razor.

Police say the child was not hurt but urged parents to examine wrappers for tampering.

In Indiana, the Winchester Police Department launched an investigation after a mother found a Stanley knife blade concealed inside a small chocolate bar.

Winchester Police posted a picture of the chocolate bar and the razor on their Facebook page.

Chief of Police Michael Burk told Fox News that they sent out the warning to the public "as soon as possible."

In Kansas, another mother reported finding a razor blade in her daughter's chocolate treat. 

Samantha Garcia said she was shocked at the find.

"Like any kid that comes home after Halloween she dug in the candy bowl, and she kind of unwraps it and just screamed," she told ABC News. 

"It's a razor blade in the candy just like the urban legends tell you, watch out for the razor blades and needles in the candy," she added.

In Texas police also put out a warning to parents after staples were uncovered in rice crispy treats. 

In California a father took to Facebook to vent his anger after his 12-year-old son uncovered scalpel blades hidden in his trick or treat haul.

Frank Gravatt from Sonoma, posted a picture of the blade on his social media account in a warning to other parents before calling the police who put out an advisory warning.

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