Thursday 23 November 2017

Online mating – man fights for right to marry his computer

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Joaquin Phoenix played a man who develops a relationship with an intelligent computer operating system in the 2013 film, Her.

David Millward

Chris Sevier, a man from Florida, believes he should be allowed to wed his Macbook.

Mr Sevier has argued that if gays are allowed to marry, then so should other sexual minorities. He said that he had fallen in love with a pornography-laden computer.

"Over time, I began preferring sex with my computer over sex with real women," he told a court in Florida.

If gays have the right to "marry their object of sexual desire, even if they lack corresponding sexual parts, then I should have the right to marry my preferred sexual object," he said.

Mr Sevier, who describes himself as "a former judge advocate and combat veteran", is persistent, filing claims not only in Florida but also in Utah.

The Utah claim, which in reality is an attempt to throw a spanner in the works of a gay marriage case in the federal court, runs to more than 50 pages.

Mr Sevier argues that allowing gays to marry but denying him the same right amounts to discrimination.

If gays feel as if they are second-class citizens, Mr Sevier argues, then "those of us in the real minority, who want to marry machines and animals, feel like third-class citizens".

Mr Sevier apparently sought a marriage licence for himself and his "machine spouse", but for some reason was denied.

"The exclusion from marriage to a machine denies me a dignity and status of immense import," he said.

He cited legal precedents from around the world – including a case where a woman married a dolphin and a Chinese man wed a cardboard cutout of himself.

Unfortunately for Mr Sevier, the courts in Florida and Utah found his legal arguments unpersuasive. But with the gay marriage being tested in courts across the US, more motions are inevitable. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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