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Noel Aguilar: Graphic footage shows police officer planting gun and shooting colleague before killing 'suspect' cyclist

Graphic footage has emerged which appears to show police officer shooting dead a 23-year-old cyclist, after he shoots his colleague.

The disturbing video shows the two Los Angeles sheriff's deputies killing Noel Aguilar after they chased him for riding a bicycle while wearing headphones.

The incident took place more than one year ago. Media were told at the time that the police officers shot and killed the young man after he pulled out a gun and shot a deputy.

But now the new footage appears to show the two police officers struggling to arrest Aguilar when one officer pulls out his gun and shoots the second officer. He then blames Aguilar for the shooting.

“Where’s the gun?” LA sheriff deputy Jose Ruiz is heard asking Aguilar seconds after his colleague is shot.

Aguilar replies: "I don’t have any."

Second police officer Albert Murade can be heard shouting that he has been shot for the second time.

The footage shows Aguilar becoming panicked and crying: "I didn't shoot nobody".

He repeats his innocence after Murade says he has been "shot in the stomach".

The first police officer Ruiz then pulls his gun back out and points it at Aguilar.

He shoots him in the stomach as Murade fires three bullets into Aguilar's back.

Aguilar passed away as a result of the incident.

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The footage has emerged after it was dropped off anonymously at the attorney's office.

Attorney for the Guilar family, Humberto Guizar, told local news outlets that the video is "clear evidence of an execution, a murder".

The attorney is also claiming the footage shows one of the deputies planting a weapon on the ground next to Aguilar, before taking his own gun out to shoot him.

A suit has now been filed against the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

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