Thursday 22 August 2019

New York bar removes 'No Irish drunks' sign after backlash

A pub in Montauk, New York was forced to remove a sign which said they didn't allow 'Irish drunks' due to the backlash.

The Dock Bar & Grill listed its forbidden contents outside the restaurant, including strollers, cell phones, screaming kids and Irish Drunks.

After a barrage of negative feedback from the Irish American community in New York and abroad, owner George Watson taped over it with a homemade replacement saying, 'No Sensitive Drunks'.

Mr Watson said that it was meant in jest and targeted the Irish in particular because of the 'sense of humour'

It's believed the sign originated from an 'inside joke' within the community relating to particular event.

If you spoke about any other religion or race they would probably take offense to it; the Irish have a sense of humor," Mr Watson told

Pauline Turley, the Vice Chair of the Irish Arts Centre, said that she worried what message the sign would send to younger generations.

"As a nation we tend to be very self-deprecating, and our humility and humor are parts of what make us so likable," she said.

"But I do wonder what messages we are sending to our children, what stereotypes we are allowing to persist to the broader population, if we don't push back.

 “Why would you put up a sign like that knowing no one else would tolerate it?”

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