Tuesday 24 October 2017

Navajo at war as woman fights to be elected 'chief'

Nick Allen in Los Angeles

The Navajo Nation, the largest Native American reservation, is poised to elect its first woman president in an election tainted by allegations of dirty tricks.

Lynda Lovejoy secured twice as many votes as any of her male opponents in a primary vote and looks likely to win the presidential election on November 2.

Ms Lovejoy (46) is already a New Mexico state senator who stood and lost in the reservation's presidential election four years ago. This time she has fought allegations that she had been seen drunk. She also had to contend with an ancient Navajo story about a female figure given a position of leadership who then abused it.

Despite the Navajo being a traditionally matriarchal society, Ms Lovejoy's candidacy has caused controversy.

Antonina Roanhorse, a voter, said: "A lady shouldn't be running. It should be the men who are protecting and leading." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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