Monday 23 October 2017

Mother struggling with buggy on train tracks killed by passing train

A MOTHER died moments after saving her child's life when their buggy got stuck on a rail line.

The accident happened in the town of Riverside in southern California on Saturday evening.

The woman, 33-year-old Susan Dibene, was pushing her two-year-old daughter, Paris Belle, across the local Metrolink train tracks when the wheel of the buggy got lodged in the train tracks.

Dibene managed to get the buggy free and continued crossing but got stuck a second time. She again managed to dislodge the wheel and was able to push Paris Belle to safety before the train struck her. She died at the scene.

The train's conductor and engineer saw Dibene wrestling with the buggy. They blew the horn and tried to brake but were unable to stop in time.

According to a local police officer, the barriers at the crossing were down before Dibene tried to cross. "The arms were down, lights were going and she tried to cross anyway," he said.

The little girl was uninjured and is now being cared for by her grandmother.

Her father, Paul Dibene, paid tribute to his child's mother. "I feel like she paid the ultimate sacrifice. She gave her life to save her daughter."

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