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Mother speaks out after teen rape victim hangs herself

A grieving Canadian mother has spoken out about how her daughter hanged herself, after she never recovered from an alleged rape by four teenage boys.

A picture of the incident was taken and put on the internet, and it went viral – a fact that left her deeply depressed and bullied, she said.

Leah Parsons said she took her 17-year-old daughter Rehtaeh off life-support last Sunday after she hanged herself last week.

She said one boy took a photo of the alleged assault in 2011, and her daughter was subjected to bullying after it went viral.

Ms Parsons is dissatisfied police concluded there were no grounds to charge the four boys after a year-long investigation.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl Scott MacRae said the investigation was completed in consultation with prosecutors and said there was insufficient evidence to proceed with charges.

Nova Scotia Justice Minister Ross Landry said he had no plans to review the case because he had no reason to doubt the integrity of the police investigation.

Mr Landry said he had yet to hear of any formal complaint from Ms Parsons about the police investigation, though he added she was open to file one.

"In regards to the issue of second-guessing the police at every case, no, I'm not going to do that," Mr Landry said.

A Facebook page has been set up in tribute to Rehtaeh's life, featuring dozens of photos of the smiling brunette, where hundreds of commenters are demanding someone be held accountable for her death.

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