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Mia 'planted' sex abuse claims, says Allen's son


U.S. film director Woody Allen

U.S. film director Woody Allen

Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow


U.S. film director Woody Allen

THE brother of Dylan Farrow, who last week accused her father Woody Allen of sexually assaulting her as a child, has sided with the director and insisted the molestation accusations were planted in his sister's mind by their mother Mia Farrow.

The scathing attack by Moses Farrow on Mia Farrow, who raised him but from whom he is now estranged, marks the latest escalation in the venomous family split.

"My mother drummed it into me to hate my father for tearing apart the family and sexually molesting my sister," Mr Farrow (36), who is himself a family therapist, told 'People' magazine.


"Of course Woody did not molest my sister. She loved him and looked forward to seeing him when he would visit. She never hid from him until our mother succeeded in creating the atmosphere of fear and hate towards him.

"I don't know if my sister really believes she was molested or is trying to please her mother. Pleasing my mother was a very powerful motivation because to be on her wrong side was horrible."

Moses and Dylan Farrow (28) were both adopted by Mr Allen and Mia Farrow.

Mr Farrow said that his mother was seeking revenge because of Mr Allen's affair with Soon-Yi Previn, her adopted daughter from a previous relationship, who the Oscar-winning director subsequently married.

Dylan Farrow was furious about her brother's comments, saying that he was now "dead" to her.

"This is such a betrayal to me and my whole family," she told 'People'. "My memories are the truth and they are mine and I will live with that for the rest of my life.

"My mother never coached me. She never planted false memories in my brain. My memories are mine. She was distraught when I told her."


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But Moses Farrow portrayed his mother as the family tyrant. "From an early age, my mother demanded obedience and I was often hit as a child.

"She went into unbridled rages if we angered her, which was intimidating at the very least and often horrifying, leaving us not knowing what she would do."

Mia Farrow declined to comment on her son's remarks.

"I love my daughter," she said. "I will always protect her.

"A lot of ugliness is going to be aimed at me. But this is not about me; it's about her truth." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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