Friday 23 March 2018

Mexico's 'sexiest police force' instructed to dress down

New security chief disbands Aguascalientes women-only group, who donned skintight leggings and heeled knee-high boots

The department operated out of the city of Aguascalientes in Central Mexico
The department operated out of the city of Aguascalientes in Central Mexico

Harriet Alexander

A unit of Mexican policewomen dubbed “the sexiest force in the world” has been disbanded by the new security chief.

Ever since 2010 the women-only group, in the city of Aguascalientes, have donned skintight leggings, heeled knee-high boots, aviator sunglasses and caps to patrol the streets.

They say their job was to provide a female face to policing, and increase trust in the force. Rolando Hidalgo Eddy, in charge of the city’s police, described them as being “very well trained” and spoke proudly of how they received the same training as their male counterparts – including weapons instruction and abseiling from helicopters.

Enrique Pena Nieto, the Mexican president, famously posed with them in February 2013.

But Eduardo Bahena Pineda, the new face of policing in the state, has disbanded the force, according to Mexican newspaper Excelsior.

The women have been replaced by a unit of seven, who wear standard police uniforms.

Laura Elena Delgado Mireles, a member of the new force, said she was pleased she did not have to wear the old uniform.

“It’s far better for us to be comfortable, because the previous ones had heels, leggings – they were far less comfortable.”

She said they were more respected in the new uniform.

 Of the previous women, only one – Alma Rosa, remains and she told the paper that she was pleased with her new job.

 “People did come and talk to us before, but they didn’t say much because we weren’t seen as real police,” she said. “Now I’m a genuine operative and I bring to the force the necessary skills. I’m much more proud of my job – I was proud of it before, too, but I feel more so in this unit.”

Women in the city said they also preferred the new, toned down look.

“There are some jobs that require a degree of seriousness,” said Viridiana Rincon. “I studied law and I could never imagine going to work like that. I mean, I think that people treat you the way they see you.”

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