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Man steals $1 to get jail healthcare

AN AMERICAN man suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and ruptured discs stole $1 from a bank so that he could obtain free health care in prison.

James Verone, an unemployed former truck driver, walked into a bank in North Carolina and handed the teller a note demanding one dollar "and medical attention".

Mr Verone (59) could not afford health insurance after being laid off following 17 years in his job with Coca-Cola.

He was arrested and charged with "larceny from a person", because the $1 haul was not large enough to qualify as a bank robbery. He has spent the past week in jail, and has received medical care.

Mr Verone said he would defend himself in court and warned "the crime will happen again" if he does not receive a long enough prison sentence. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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