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Man shoots roommate while teasing cat with his pistol's laser sight


Vaughn Rothering

A man who accidentally shot his roommate while teasing a cat with a laser sight has escaped jail.

Vaughn Rothering (22) was sat on the porch outside his Wisconsin with his roommate teasing a cat with the laser sight of his 9mm pistol when it went off.

According to the LaCrosse Tribune, the 22-year-old was spinning the gun in his hand when it shot a bullet straight through his his roommate’s ankle.

“I feel terrible about it,” said Mr Rothering told a US court.

Described as “thoughtful, polite, and respectful” by his lawyer, Mr Rothering pleaded guilty to negligent handling of a dangerous weapon and was fined €45 ($50) on top of court costs of €520 ($541).

“You could easily have killed your friend,” Judge Ramona Gonzalez told Mr Rothering.

“You’ve probably punished yourself more than we could ever punish you.”

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